Sunday, January 3, 2010

Taking Christmas down & Hobby Lobby deals

Yesterday we took our Christmas decor down.  The holidays always go by too quick!  I love decorating for Christmas.  I think that this year I might start decorating in October. 
I bought this "Merry Christmas" banner for our tree while we were in Utah last October.  I got it at an amazing decor store called Tai Pan Trading.  I couldn't go crazy and buy everything I wanted because we were flying home.  I told Mr. B that we are driving next time {that way I could attach a trailer to the van to buy all of the wonderful things I want...ummm, I guess I'm dreamin' a little}
My other favorite place to shop in Utah is Rod Works.  I always find great stuff there too!
Neither one of these places have online shopping!!  Bummer!  Utah girls are soooo lucky!!

I can say that I am thankful for having Hobby Lobby here.  The other day when I had a sister's day out, we went to Hob Lob for Christmas Clearance.  We were there for a long time...I have to take advantage of that when I don't have kids with me.  I got wrapping paper for $2.52 ea. {they are big rolls}.  I also got these photo storage boxes for $2.00 ea.  I needed them for my future craft room.
Enjoy your day!!!

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