Thursday, January 28, 2010

Craft Room & Shopping: Getting Closer to having a Craft Room & Saving Money

Yesterday, Mr. B and I went to Home Depot to get the lumber that we needed for our projects in the Entryway & Craft Room.  It smells good in the house...maybe they can make a Plug-in smell like
 Fresh Lumber.
We had to laugh because when we were cutting some of the wood there {because you can pay by the foot}, on the cutting table someone wrote:
"God, save me from my wife".
Someone must have been having a hard time. :)
In the craft room we are going to do the Board & Battan style.  I just leaned the strips of wood to check it out.  I tried to mark where the wall wasn't there before and was just open to the entryway. 
Still trying to find a wall color...

I saved over $522.00 dollars today buying all of these clothes from The Children's Place & Gymboree.
I only paid $140 for all of this.  It sounds like a lot still, but I was buying for 4 kids, too!

At the Children's Place, I didn't spend over $3.99 on any of these items {plus my sister let me borrow her 15% off coupon}.  Gymboree was a little bit more, but still a great price {40%, plus an additional 20%}.
Most of all the clothes I bought are for the kids for in the fall/winter this year.  I went first thing this morning and knew 4 gals shopping there...the word gets around fast!


  1. Discovered your blog and LOVE it. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are the creative blog for the rest of the week at Ucreate!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. Hey Jenn... Why didn't you call me to go shopping with you?=) I so need to hit those long are they on for?

    Have you seen the trunks with feet added to the bottom of them to turn them into a table? Super CUTE...Good luck!


  3. No 140 is a great deal for everything you got. It adds up so fast when you have lots of kids to buy for.

    My husband was actually the Aggie. If I could do it again though I would have gone to Utah State.

    have a great night!


  4. How do you know what size they're going to be??

    As for the trunks, paint them a more neutral cocoa color or even lighter and use them to store your larger craft items like your cricut.