Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby K's room, Scrapbooking & Craft Room Update

I am finally getting around to doing some decorating in Baby K's room.  I know that this set up with change, but for now it works.
I eventually will paint in here something like Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore.
I got these curtains at IKEA thinking they would be for my craft room.  Then I decided that they will be perfect in her room.  {Matilda Curtains}

Um, Yeah...Unplanned Project for Mr. B on Saturday.  He was taking the baseboards off and the sheetrock in one area caved in, then we found that there had been previous water damage.  So, he had to replace the whole area underneath the window {8' long}.  He ended up having to go to Home Depot twice.  He got a lot done, but we still have a lot to go!
See that Yucky Gold Color, the previous owners {Mr. B used to work with}, painted the whole house in this color thinking that it would be a "neutral" color to help sale it.  It was a nasty gold color, it was seriously gross...thankfully I saw past that and painted the whole house before we moved in, there was no way that I would've been able to live with that color.  {this picture doesn't give it justice for how gross it was!}
I worked on my friend's baby scrapbook because they are moving this week and I had to get it back to her.  {I covered her little face because I didn't ask for permission to show her picture, I wanted to just show you one of the 13 layouts I finished on Friday!}  She is seriously a cute baby!
I hope you have a fabulous day!


  1. That’s sweet of you to help your friend with her scrapbook. I love the page you put together!

  2. I love that framed K! And really, those curtains are perfect. Good luck with all your home projects, I'm sure it is really exciting through all the dust and paint splatters :)