Friday, February 26, 2010

Jewelry Day 1

This is the first necklace that I altered today.  I think I spent less than $3.25 to make it.  The bling in the center was from a cheap adjustable ring was taken off to make it an embellishment.  It is removable so I can wear it as a "brooch" or even attach it to one of Baby K's headbands for her to wear.
Up close look.  In between the bottom layer and flowers is some tulle.!!!
This pin that I added was from when I was a part of a scrapbook kit of the month from Scarlet Lime.  I miss not doing that of these days I will sign up again.  So, there was no work or thought put into this one completely simple.
One thing that I did do to the fabric bottom piece was stiffen the fabric so that it was more sturdy.  I didn't have any official stiffener spray or, Leslie recommended using worked {I also dried it faster with a blow dryer}.  I pretty much soaked it, on a couple of pieces I did this process twice!
Here is Leslie at work.  Her necklace turned out FABULOUS!!!  If you notice in the bottom of this picture, she is using a clothes pin to keep the little rosette together while it was drying.
She added a little bit of tulle behind the looks amazing on!!!
I have more coming, so watch for it!!!
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  1. These are so cute! Thanks for the comments on my blog! This is going to be fun...funny, I have been reading your blog for a you can read mine, and I won't feel like such a snoop! :) AND, I'll comment, now that I'm "out"! haha!

  2. I am in love. I want to copy. Can I?

    My best friend is coming in 2 weeks, and we are so making these.

  3. That light blue/green is my favorite! They all are so cute!

  4. This is a really good idea, because I bet we all have some boring old necklaces that are hanging out that we can makeover. Thanks for sharing this idea! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. that is wrong how cute that is! i am going to spend the weekend avoiding my family and shop for beads to make this!

  6. I adore the second one with the silvery gray & white, Lovely!


  7. I love it! Now, I am off to redo a bunch of necklaces. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I love the last necklace! do you sell any of your stuff?

  9. Can I did you make the rosettes? I love this look and would like to be able to make them.