Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Craft Project: "10 days of Valentine's" Swap

Today I hosted a little Valentine's Swap with a couple of my friends.  We all came up with 2 Valentine's Gifts for our hubby's and made 5 of each to swap with each other.  That way we each have 10 days worth of fun Valentine's to hide in our hubby's car, drawer, pockets or wherever.  One of the gal's wasn't able to make it, so I will post her Valentine's later.
Here are the two I made:
Your love is so 'Refreshing'  {car freshener}
and I'm crazy 'fore' you {golf tees}
Other Valentine gift sayings:
You bring joy to my life {almond joy}
I Chew-se you! {Gum}
I'm nuts about you {Peanuts in a shell}
You warm my heart {hand warmer--camping}
I have enjoyed the "mix" on the "trail" of life with you {Trail mix bar}
Dove chocolates in a cupcake holder
I bought these brushes from today for the labels.
I LOVE their website, they have a lot of fun digital items as well as hybrid.  Check it out!

I hope that my hubby doesn't look at this post...I am starting the "10 days of Valentine's" tomorrow!

What fun things are you doing for your Valentine's this year?


  1. All of them are cute!! My husband loves his trail mix, so I'm going to do that one for him.


  2. I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. love it, Jenn!! You are so creative!!