Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Craft Storage can be fun...

I love using different things to "store" my embellishments in.  Don't get me wrong, plastic containers are functional...but not cute!
I found this little silver cup at a place called The Funky Monkey while visiting my sister in Texas.  It is very Funky in there, seriously.
These buttons are from the company I used to design for {oneheart...onemind}.  The owner of the company had a vintage bracelet that she reproduced into Scrapbook embellishments.  Way cute...but I am pretty sure that they are not made anymore.
Another find at my local flea is an old Ball jar & came with tons of buttons.
Have a good one!


  1. Hi Jenn~

    Thanks for the visit and comment! i LOVE crafts, jars for craft supplies, antique stores, organizing all of the above. Funny thing is I worked on a LETTER L today, that I just hung on my door. I will feature it on my blog soon. I love the L you made. Cute blog too! I will follow you. I would love for you to follow me, but only if you want too! Hugs, Jenn

  2. oh how i love buttons. You used to work for a button company? I am jealous! I have a love affair with buttons. Some women love shoes, I love buttons (and shoes)