Monday, February 15, 2010

Houndstooth Happiness

Today no creative projects, saying good-bye to loved ones and feeling not 100%.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start organizing my scrapbook/craft stuff into my new room. 

I have always loved houndstooth patterns, I actually have some black & white houndstooth fabric waiting on me to re-upholster a rocking chair.  There is something about the classic, timeless quality of this pattern.  It is so fantastic to see it in fun, bright colors.  Like these from

This was a fun little find from etsy seller OhHiShop:  Check it out!
When you look at the houndstooth individually, it is kinda weird shaped...but all together it is amazing!

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  1. I like the houndstooth as well. I hope you are feeling better soon.