Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lucky "L" on my front door...

I just took my rose heart off of my front door and made this today...
My Lucky L Door Decor.
It also helps that our Last Name starts with an "L", so I can use this a lot during the year!
I used a scrap piece of foam core and cut it to a 8"x10" size.
To cover the rough edges, I just hot glued ribbon around it.
I just "plucked" the little stems off of a dogwood looking bush that I got half off at Hobby Lobby.  So, this project only cost me $4 because I had everything else on hand.
Be careful...I burned off some of my fingerprints today! ;)
You have to hold the stems down for a moment or it will not dry flat.
I had an extra picture frame hook from a previous project and just hot glued it to the back.
The "bush" had bright and dark colored stems, so I made sure that I alternated them.
I am pretty sure that either Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs had something like this.
My 12 year old son helped me figure out how to get the "L" to be straight.  I told him that I was proud that he could figure out a craft and he said, "Well, I have to learn to figure things out because I am going to be an architect when I grow up"...I can't wait for him to design my dream house...
Up close look at the tag.  I seriously made this in under a minute because the flower was premade & I just wrote "lucky" on the tag...easy, easy!  With my craft stuff semi-organized I found everything fast...Yeah!
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  1. It looks great and for a great price.

  2. I LLLLL LOVE it!! :) I thought of you when I went to Anthropologie last week and saw all the letter things. Miss you!

  3. LOVE that! Simply brilliant! And, I may just have to steal your idea, lol....


  4. Darling! I still have my Valentine wreath on my door - lol!


  5. So sweet. I love that it looks so fresh and springy.

  6. Very pretty! I am also an L. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. it looks fabulous! I think my front door needs some monogrammed goodness!
    we have a friday fun find party- if you're interested, we'd love it if you'd link up tomorrow!

  8. That is really cute and original and a great way to celebrate saint Paddy's day--thanks for linking up!

  9. Ohhh myyy...my heart melts. I LOVE this idea! Never thought about using foam board! Great job!

  10. That's GREAT! Wanna make one with a C and send it my way ;)


  11. Oh! I love it! I want one too!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  12. This is my favorite monogram door wreath that I have seen! Great job :).

  13. I like your monogram wreath! I used the same boxwood plants from HL to make a ballard designs knockoff topiary.

  14. I really like this! Looks great!
    Rebekah {All Thingz Related}:Our First Giveaway going on now!

  15. love this! so pretty! :) Stopping by from "Fingerprints on the Fridge"

  16. This turned out very cute and especially looks great on your black door!

  17. I love that frame. It's one of my favorites. Looks great with the monogram! Beautiful!!!

  18. It's BEAUTIFUL! LOVE it! LOOKS like you bought it from Ballard Designs!

  19. my valentine wreath took me so long to do, i am waiting until the last possible moment before taking it down! i love the L...so clever and perfect for march and spring. i can't believe you just whipped it up..amazing!